Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Some more blooms from last summer.

                     Paul K. Lewis seedling out of Calamity Jane (Trimmer)

                             Ruby Lipstick (John Benz) Lovely flower.

   As we get closer to summer I start to think about the flowers I enjoyed from last year.  So I thought I would post some more bloom pictures.  Here are some more:
                                        Yoga Man (Dan Hansen)

   Cosmic Awakening (Guy Pierce) Probably my favorite blue eye in the garden.

               Blue Vibrations (Guy Pierce) Another great blue eye from Guy.

               Paul K. Lewis seedling out of All Things to All Men (Emmerich)

                                      Forty Two (James Townsend)

                                      Heather Grace (Larry Grace)

                                          Zyzzified (Di DeCaire)

                  Paul K. Lewis seedling out of Waves of Joy (Trimmer)

                                     Respect (James Townsend)

                    Paul K. Lewis seedling out of Gaudeamus (Moldovan)

Well, that concludes this week's picture show.   Hoping to post that garden shot segment next time.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I have purchased the Moldovan property as Roy passed away 2 yrs ago. Would enjoy hearing from past friends who enjoyed Steve and Roy's work. I am working to bring the farm back to life, last summer we had many beautiful blooms. Larry (440) 315-3274

    1. Larry I will call you soon. Wow, so happy you are fixing up the property.