Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Daylily garden shots.

     I love beautiful daylily garden shots.  The photo above was taken somewhere in Germany, but I do not know the photographer's name.  Beautiful photograph.  Below are some more wonderful photographs taken from around the country.  I hope to continue this segment each year around this time.  Enjoy the picture show:
               Steve Moldovan's seedling garden in peak bloom, August 2008.

                                      Photo courtesy of Cheryl Day.
                                 Photo courtesy of Bonnie Nichols.
                                      Photo courtesy of Becky Robinson.

                                    Photo courtesy of Robert Coyle.

                                   Photo courtesy of Dora Merrill.

                                  Photo courtesy of Dora Merrill.

                                    Photo courtesy of Robert Coyle.

                                     Photo courtesy of Paul K. Lewis.

    Hope you enjoyed this picture show.  All photographs are the property of each person and use without prior consent is prohibited.  Hope to post some more daylily pics in the next installment as we get closer to bloom season.  Happy Gardening!

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