Saturday, March 19, 2016

My visit last May to Ladybug Daylilies.

                                     Ladybug Daylilies (May 2015)

                                      Ladybug Daylilies (May 2015)

One of my favorite daylily gardens to visit is Dan Hansen's Ladybug Daylilies. I first
met Dan Hansen, through my neighbor, Curt Hanson.  Dan would come up to visit Curt every July and I got to know him better and better with each visit.  Dan has been hybridizing since 1994.  His daylilies are as tough as nails, because Dan never babies them.  Dan also has one of the most diverse daylily programs I have ever seen.....and I have seen a lot.  Dan will take the time to show you around and is always willing to help newbies with suggestions of what daylilies to grow and how to go about hybridizing.  With nothing further, here are some of Dan's intros and seedlings.

           Dan Hansen seedling. (Had to be the best one in the garden that day!)

 Dan Hansen seedling. (Same seedling, but a close up on that incredible blue eyezone.)

           Dan Hansen seedling. (I loved the shape of the eyezone in this one.)

                    Dan Hansen seedling. (Same seedling, another angle.)

                                Dan Hansen Edge no Eye seedling.

                                 Dan Hansen patterned seedling.

                                    Dan Hansen double seeding.

                                        Tattoo (Dan Hansen 2014)

                             Anne's True Gratitude (Dan Hansen 2016)

                                Bridge of Sighs (Dan Hansen 2016)

                                         Debra Scott (Dan Hansen)

                                       Snarky (Dan Hansen 2016)

                                        Snapper Rocks (Dan Hansen)

                                        Ladybug Daylilies (May 2015)

    I hope you enjoyed the visit to Ladybug daylilies.  To view Dan's website click on:   Make sure you visit Dan's place when you are down in Florida.  One of the best daylily gardens down there, if not in the whole country.


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