Thursday, March 31, 2016

Crintonic Gardens....the daylilies of Curt Hanson.


                                 Curt at work roto tilling his seedling fields.

     I am very lucky to only live 10 minutes away from one of the nicest daylily gardens in the country.  I like to share some of the photos I take every year.  Curt has introduced daylilies for 30 years and every year it is fascinating to watch which direction he will take his program next.  Below are some of his seedlings and introductions:

                             Curt Hanson sculpted seedling.  Amazing.

                                      Curt Hanson sculpted seedling.

                                     Curt Hanson sculpted seedling.

                                           Sigourney (Curt Hanson)

  Primal Scream (Curt Hanson) A stout medal winner and popularity poll winner constantly.
                                      Contributing Editor (Curt Hanson)

                                        Future of Desire (Curt Hanson)

                                       Feel the Groove (Curt Hanson)

                                 Celestial Virgins seedling (Curt Hanson)

       Curt Hanson photo of all his bloom in August 2015.  Seems lavender is the dominant color.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this installment of my blog.  Hope to post some seedling pictures as they bloom in the months of July and August. Happy gardening.

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