Thursday, February 11, 2016

Growing seedlings fast!

                       Gossard seedling (Dragon Fang X Rosey Spiketail)

     Back in the summer of 2014, I visited Jamie Gossards place.  It was a great time to see Jamie's daylilies and he had so many awesome seedlings.  The one pictured above was my favorite.  It was a toothy cross of his Dragon Fang X Rosey Spiketail.  Had the biggest teeth of any seedling blooming there and such a nice purple color.  Jamie was nice enough to share pollen with me and I took it home and made a bunch of toothy crosses.  I wanted those seedlings to grow as quickly as possible and here in Ohio it is usually a slow process.  However I have one area where the seedlings seem to mature faster than any other area.  You will see in the pictures below how I planted these seedlings in June and by years end they looked like blooming size mature fans.  For the record, I did use Nutricote 18-6-8, and Multicote as well to help them along quickly.  I usually don't fertilize the seedlings in the main bed, so I can see what they look like in natural garden conditions.  There are some other seedlings mixed in as well.  Here is what they looked like over the year:

                                      First planting, 6-16-15.

                                      First planting 6-16-15.

                                      Ten days later 6-26-15.

                             Month and couple weeks later, 7-30-15.

                                  Almost two months, 8-10-15.


                              Almost three months later, 9-13-15.

                                     Three months, 9-28-15.

             Almost four months, 10-8-15. You can see they are very crowded now. That's Nicole Devito's Undefinable blooming in the upper left corner of the picture.

                                            Winter time, 2-9-16.
                                          Early Spring 3-14-16

     Well, I'm hopeful and excited to see these bloom in the coming season.  They are getting pretty crowded, so I will have to line them out to give them a better chance to mature and see them in normal garden conditions.  Hope you enjoyed the picture sequence.  

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