Saturday, January 16, 2016

Great landscaping daylilies.

                                 Mister Butters (Judy Davisson)

                                 Banana Smoothie (George)

      So, what defines a great landscaping daylily?  In my humble opinion, a daylily that has great bud count, branching, and visibility from a distance.  The scape must be sturdy and tall.  It's one of those daylilies that when you look across a field your eye is drawn in to that particular daylily.  Yellow daylilies are probably the most visible in the landscape, especially from a distance, but I have included some other colors below that I would consider as great landscape daylily colors  I'm sorry if I forgot any of your favorites, but hopefully this will give you some ideas of some wonderful daylilies to add to your landscape or garden.

                      Agnes Mary Dowdell (Steve Moldovan) yellow daylily.

    Big Bird's Friend (Jamie Gossard) A great landscape daylily and parent. Photo taken at Jamie's.

                           Thoroughbred Sunlight (John Rice)

       Voluptous Blonde (John Rice) You can see the great bud count and branching.

                    Shabby Chic (Shirley Farmer) The bud count is incredible!

                                 Shabby Chic (Shirley Farmer)

                                 Stop the car (Jamie Gossard)

                                Little Bo Peep Diploma (Curt Hanson)

            Up on the Roof (Curt Hanson) Awesome branching on this lovely daylily.

           Heavenly United We Stand (Jamie Gossard) One of Jamie's favorites.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this segment.  Not sure what I will show next, but always
want to show you new daylilies and of course the old ones that perform well in any garden.

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