Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More pictures from the summer of 2014.

     You would have thought I would have had more time to post these pictures this past winter, but I was busy with my job and never got to doing them until now.  As we are all getting ready or already ready for another bloom season, I think these pictures help me remember some of the highlights from the last season which I will look forward to seeing again this summer. The beautiful pink with the gold edge at the top is Elegant Universe (Pat Stamile). I hope you enjoy these pictures!

 Pictured above is Bubba on Tour (Hugh Buntyn).

Pictured above is Pins and Needles (John Rice).  A favorite of mine.

Pictured above is Mister Butters (Judy Davisson).

Pictured above is Pistachio Eyes (Pat Stamile).

Pictured above is Kennesaw Mountain Hayride. (Bill Waldrop)

Pictured above is Blue Breasted Bee Eater (Luddy Lambertson).

Pictured above is Soli Deo Gloria (Karol Emmerich).

Pictured above is Jaws and Claws (Luddy Lambertson).

Pictured above is Wowee Cherokee (Dale Hensley)   

Hope you enjoyed these pictures and I look forward to another daylily season coming up soon.

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