Sunday, May 6, 2012

Great garden shots

      Well, in all the time I have been going to look at daylilies I have seen some incredible gardens.  There is nothing quite like a daylily garden at peak bloom.  Instead of showing you individual daylilies this week from one hybridizer or another, I thought I would show you some nice garden shots I have taken over the years. Today's post may be a little short, because of all the daylilies I've had to plant lately, combined with a busy work schedule.  I'm about to turn 49 this month, and while I'm not exactly old.....some days my body just lacks the energy I might have had in my youth. 
       O.k., so at the very top is one of my favorite daylily gardens, Floyd Cove, now owned by Guy and Karen Pierce.  That photo was taken in 2010.  Right below it is a local AHS display garden called Rock Bottom Farms, located in Middlefield, Ohio.  At the bottom located at top is a picture I took in Steve Moldovan and Roy Woodhall's garden.  That photo was taken in 2009.  Below that photo is a nice garden shot of my friend, Curt Hanson's garden during peak bloom in 2010.  Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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