Saturday, June 3, 2017

My visit to Florida.

                                    Guy Pierce toothy seedling. Wow!

                                    Guy Pierce toothy seedling.

    Wow, I really enjoyed visiting all my old friends down in sunny Florida.  There were some really fascinating new daylily seedlings at every garden.  And of course some exciting intros as well. Please enjoy the picture show of a sampling of what I saw:

                                         Dan Hansen seedling.

                                       Dan Hansen seedling.

                                      Dan Hansen seedling.

                                     John Kinnebrew seedling.

                                            Trimmer seedling.

                                  Sensational Heart (Jeff Salter 2017)

                                            Guy Pierce seedling.

                                            Petit/Goff seedling.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this weeks installment.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone's garden.  Pretty soon I should be able to post some pictures of my own, as daylily season is quickly approaching.  Thanks for stopping by.

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