Saturday, February 11, 2017

The lovely world of bitone daylilies.

           Wayne Listkowski bitone daylily seedling.  Love this one Wayne!

American Hemerocallis Daylily Dictionary definition of a bitone: A flower with inner and outer segments of different tints of the same basic color.  A bitone has lighter outer segments (sepals) and darker inner segments (petals).

     I think I was first introduced to bitone daylilies spending many a summer out at Steve Moldovan's daylily garden.  Steve was clearly a pioneer in bitone daylilies.  More recently my friend, Wayne Listkowski has been continuing Steve's legacy by hybridizing this kind of daylily, and it got me interested in how many bitone daylilies have been hybridized or are being hybridized.  I come to find out quite a few.  So, let me start by sharing some pictures of bitoned daylilies hybridized by Steve Moldovan:

                               Lord Of Illusions (Steve Moldovan 1998)

            Old King Cole (Steve Moldovan) photo courtesy of Kirsten Hatfield.

                Wizards Wish (Steve Moldovan) photo courtesy of Loretta Zink.

              Happy Destiny (Steve Moldovan) photo courtesy of Paul K. Lewis

           Evening Eye Shadow (Steve Moldovan) photo courtesy of Paul K. Lewis

     I was fascinated to see some very exciting bitoned introductions from my friends, William Marchant and Dan Hansen.  Here are some of them:

                             Disturbance in the Force (William Marchant)

  Geneva Grape Escape (Dan Hansen) Photo courtesy of William Marchant.

           Geneva Grape Escape (Dan Hansen) what excellent branching!

       William Marchant seedling: (Disturbance in the Force X Drop it like it's Hot)

     Here are some other bitoned introductions and seedlings from across the country:

                  Aspiring Angel (Mort Morss) Photo courtesy of Jacob Henry.

              Curtis Montgomery (Mort Morss) Photo courtesy of David Kirchhoff.

                                     Soul Sister (Subhana Ansari)

              Wayne's World (Curt Hanson) Photo courtesy of Charmaine Rich.

           Rattlesnake Rake (Floyd Boatwright) Photo courtesy of Paul K. Lewis.

               Pauline Lavigne seedling (Dunrobin's Cherry Tart X Altered State)

                                         Ed Burton seedling S-292

                                       Ramona Hall Titus seedling.

                         Westbourne Blue Goose (Mary Jane Meadows)

                     Clyde Grammon seedling (Shamrock diploid seedling)

     It was fascinating to see some other bitone introductions in colors other than lavender or purple.  Here they are:

             My Friend Kammy (Dale Hensley) Photo courtesy of Theresa Maris.

                      Let the Games Begin (Dan White) Love this one Dan.

                                     Venetian Ruler (Pat Sayers)

                                  Rosemary Mussar (Dave Mussar)

                  Nancy Swenson Olson seedling (New Perspective X UNK.)

                  Nancy Swenson Olson seedling (Key to my Heart X UNK.)

                                  Michael Bouman seedling 10-60.

                   Nina Alger Waters seedling (Roses in Snow X Bear Claws)

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed photographs.  Next installment is a visit with my friends, Mike and Sandy Holmes.  Looking forward to that one.  Hope you are all well.



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