Thursday, July 16, 2015

A few blooms from around the garden.

     Hello daylily friends.  Been a busy July.  Here in Northeast Ohio we broke our record for the 3rd most rainfall for the month of June.  July hasn't been much better.  It's a muddy mess out in the garden.  Anyway, at the top of the page is a seedling out of Waves of Joy.  Right below it is a seedling out of Courage to Change.  Below there are a couple more seedlings.

                                          The seedling above is out of Midnight in Moscow.

                                          The seedling above is out of Millennium Falcon.
The seedling above is out of Four Beasts in One (Decaire)
I hope you enjoyed the seedling pictures.  More pictures in the weeks and months to come.  Happy gardening my friends!!!!


  1. Love the Millennium Falcon seedling, great color separation. How large is this flower?

    1. Thanks Wade. Flower is probably 5.5 to 6 inches. I'll have to measure it next year.