Sunday, June 30, 2013

Season swings into high gear.

      Well, here we are at the end of the June and all the earlies are opening up.  Some of the new arrivals are mixing in nicely.  At the very top of the page is Judy Davisson's Mister Butters.  Looking grand today!  Right below it is Augie's Unique Beauty, hybridized by Augie Krupien.  Introduced by Rich Howard in 2007.  It is a tetraploid and fertile both ways.  Very unique!  Let's get on with the picture show below.

Pictured above is Di Decaire's I don't kid.  Nice colors!

Pictured above is a future intro which I named for a good friend, Luanne Tarro.
It is out of Wonder of it all.

Pictured above is Luddy Lambertson's Blue Eyed Dragon.  Nice teeth!

Finally pictured above is David Kirchhoff's Fabulous Frieda.  What a great red!  That's it for this installment.  I think I spent a couple hours just making out cross tags.  Happy gardening!


  1. Hi Paul,

    Have you actually had enough dry moments to make a few crosses ? Or you just getting ahead of the game, so you will be ready when those dry moments come ? Either way have fun making those crosses !

  2. John,

    Hey, how's it going? Yes, we have gotten the rain, but somehow....and maybe because of how spotty the showers have been...I've been lucky enough to still cross. our friend Curt Hanson says he's gotten too much rain. I think the storms hit some areas harder than others. Typical Ohio weather. I was out at Roy's a couple weekends ago weedwhipping the thistle....and man, there was a LOT of thistle. holy cow! Should stop out there in a couple Sundays. Wayne said a tree fell on Roy's house. GEeeze!!! Poor Roy. Hope all is well with you.