Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fran Hardings new intros, soon to be available.

     What better way to follow up my most recent write ups on patterns, then to follow them up with a segment on toothy intros.  My friend in Connecticut, Rich Howard will be introducing Fran Harding's last introductions in the next couple years.  Rich was nice enough to share some photographs of those daylilies with me and has said it would be alright to share them with you on the blog. 

     Before I go any further I have to post my disclaimer: ALL PHOTOGRAPHS OF FRAN HARDING'S DAYLILIES ARE THE PROPERTY OF RICH HOWARD AND ARE COPYRIGHTED. ANY REPRODUCTION WITHOUT PRIOR CONSENT IS PROHIBITED. (If you would like to contact Rich Howard about Fran Harding's daylilies and photographs, you can email him at )

     Let's start with the photographs at the very top, which are of Forestlake Becky.  As you can see from the third photograph down, F. Becky is very fertile, yielding many pods. The cross for Forestlake Becky is (Forestlake Lacy Bloomers X Forestlake Ragamuffin)The next photographs down are of Forestlake Briar Patch. Rich has told me that Forestlake Briar Patch is the toothiest of the new introductions.  The cross for F. Briar Patch is (Forestlake Lacy Bloomers X Forestlake Ragamuffin.)

     The photograph in the middle right above this segment is Forestlake Devil's Mistress. The cross for F. Devil's Mistress is (Seedling X Startle).

     The photograph right above this section is Forestlake Pleats for Laura. Forestlake Pleats for Laura's cross is (Forestlake Becky X Forestlake Tigerling Claws)

     The photograph at the top of this page is Forestlake Tigerling Claws. The cross for F. Tigerling Claws is (Forestlake Lacy Bloomers X (Seedling X Forestlake Fringe Binge)) The photograph at the very bottom of the page is of Forestlake Warm and Fuzzy. The cross for F. Warm and Fuzzy is (Forestlake Lacy Bloomers X Forestlake Ragamuffin).  All of these introductions are DORMANTS. It would appear the tallest and probably most fertile of them is Forestlake Becky standing in at 30 inches! To the best of my knowledge none will be available in 2013 except for F. Becky, which I believe will be available in the fall.  All others will probably appear for sale on Rich Howard's website in the coming years. You can log on to Rich Howard's site by clicking on  Rich's website has always been one of my favorite sites to see a lot of photographs of daylilies from around the country and it's a great resource to buy hard to find daylilies.  Rich has always been very kind to me answering a myriad of questions about the daylilies he grows.  I will be featuring some of Rich Howard's introductions in next week's blog.  Hope you enjoyed seeing Fran Harding's daylilies today. 

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