Sunday, July 22, 2012

The drought takes it's toll.

      We did finally get some rain recently, but with the hot temperatures it still doesn't look like anything is recovering that fast.  We really need it to cool down at least into the low 80's and have it stay that way for a while.  Heck if it got into the 70's, I'd be doing an Irish jig.  When I go out to tag after I've made my crosses I find that if it's full sun, I'm covered with sweat by the time I'm halfway done.  Last year it rained too much, but I made a ton of seed.  This year I think I've made the same number of crosses, but my sets are down by about 66%.  I will probably have a small amount of seed to plant this fall.  Anyway, I wanted to show some pictures of how the drought has affected us here in Northeast Ohio.  At the very top is a picture of my friend Curt Hanson's pond.  Usually the water level is easily up by those big rocks you see in the picture.  I've never seen the water level that low.  The picture below it is of some of my daylilies planted near a crabapple tree.  You can see how the foliage is just spent.  At the very bottom (top) of the page is a picture of John Rice's Katherine Marin, a daylily he named after his sister.  Below it is a very nice yellow called Pleated Skirt, from Oscie Whatley.  That's it for this week.  Let's hope for the best.

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