Saturday, April 7, 2012

Some notable Paul K. Lewis seedlings from this past year.

     Well, I decided to update my blog on Saturday this weekend since Sunday is a holiday.  I will be featuring 4 daylily seedlings of mine that I feel were standouts this past year. 
     The first one shown all the way at the top is a daylily I hope to call Luanne Tarro, after a good friend of mine who helped me immensely in a support group after the loss of my first wife.  The cross for Luanne Tarro is Wonder of it all X Keys to the Kingdom.  It was one of my two best seedlings last year.  A real show stopper in the garden.
     The second seedling which is the bottom photograph at the top of the page is a diploid.  It is a Rose Kennedy seedling.  In all the gardens I saw last year you could pick out all the Rose Kennedy seedlings.  Rose really stamps her look on all her seedlings.  I hope to introduce this seedling next year.  It will probably be limited.  By the way, I mostly breed tetraploids but I like to dabble with the dips.  I think every daylily garden should have it's share of both tetraploids and diploids. 
      Featured below at the top is seedling number 3.  Some years ago I asked Luddy Lambertson what daylilies were his best parents and at the time he suggested Awesome Artist.  It's no suprise it was one of two parents responsible for breeding this cool blue eyed daylily.  The cross is Awesome Artist X Linda Beck.
     Last but not least is a daylily out of Vertical Horizon.  My friend Dan Robards wanted to see this uniquely patterned seedling.  The cross is Vertical Horizon X Mrs. John Cooper.  As cool as the pattern is in the picture, I find that it doesn't show up every day.  It is heat dependent it seems.  I will reitterate what I have said in the past about is still early in the evolution of patterns in daylilies.  I only have a single fan of this daylily, but hope to continue using it and hope to introduce it a couple of years.  
     That's it for this installment.  Here in Ohio we went from extremely warm conditions back to colder temps. We have had frost the past two nights.  Some daylilies look bad, where as others seem to be unaffected.  My friend Curt Hanson told me, "don't worry, daylilies are very tough perennials."
     He's right.  That's what we love about them.


  1. Love that pattern Paul! Did you cross it with your violet future I am after?

    1. OOPS, forgot - love the ruffles on the RFK seedling.

    2. Dan,

      Thanks for the comments. I did not cross the Awesome Artist seedling with the Seraglio seedling. Truth be told I was putting a lot of Desire of Nations on the Seraglio seedling. The Awesome Artist seedling just bloomed this past year, so hopefully I'll get it's pollen and spread it around some more. Sometimes I find you get so focused on crossing with named stuff that you forget to go back to the newest seedlings. I seem to remember Steve Moldovan saying to use the newest stuff to try and get a head start with it. Anyway, thanks for the complements!