Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Lovely daylily photos from Patrick Guidry


Wizard's Potion (Jeff Salter) Awesome pattern!

Shiny Objects (Greg Goff/ Ted Petit)

I love seeing pictures of daylilies hybridized from around the country.  I can't always get to every garden, but I like to see photographs of what they look like in the garden.  Fortunately there is a gentleman in Abbeville, Louisiana by the name of Patrick Guidry who buys collections of daylilies each year and posts pictures of what they look like in his garden.  Patrick takes excellent photographs and re sells the introductions on his website. (www.patrickguidry.com)  He has always been very nice to me and I wanted to just pay tribute to his wonderful photographs with this segment.  Thanks Patrick! Now on with the picture show!  

All Things Made New (Karol Emmerich)

Ruler of Nations (Karol Emmerich)

Courting Darkness (Jeff Salter)

White Whiskers (Guy Pierce)
Wonder World (Pat Stamile)

Tits Up (Guy Pierce)

Atomic Blonde (Guy Pierce)

Broken Skies (Elizabeth Salter)

Seas of Neptune (Elizabeth Salter)

New Zealand (Guy Pierce)

False Eyelashes (William Marchant)

Mystic Wonder (Guy Pierce)

Watercolor Wishes (Elizabeth Salter) One of Jeff Salter's favorites.

WOW!  Such amazing daylilies from all across the country.  All these pictures are the property of Patrick Guidry and use without prior consent is prohibited. Well, this wraps up the blog season. I see scapes out in the garden and one more month and it will be off to the races.  I plan on visiting a couple gardens this year, so stay tuned for the Fall blog season.  Thanks for stopping in. Happy gardening. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Lovely Daylily Garden Photos

Theresa Roth's daylily garden in Morton, Illinois
Theresa Roth's daylily garden in Morton, Illinois

Lovely daylily gardens.  There's nothing like a photograph looking over a field of daylilies in peak bloom. This is what really drew me to want to grow daylilies.  The first garden that really blew me away was seeing Steve Moldovan's daylily garden in peak bloom.  Here are a collection of other photographs from various gardens:

Marietta Gardens in Marietta, North Carolina (Photo by Dale Hensley)

Theresa Roth's garden in Morton, Illinois

Stewarts Farms Daylilies in Big Clifty, Kentucky (Photo by Rebus Stewart)

Photo by Sonja Egbert

Photo by Hans Halsema of a field of Titan Skye. Taken in the Netherlands

Photo by Nicole DeVito of her daylily garden in Eustis, Florida

Fantastic pictures of fantastic gardens.  Awesome photographs.  Well, this blog season is winding down. It's been a fun one.  I hope to close out the season with some of the best videos from the 2021 season. Thanks for stopping in.  Hope you all have a lovely bloom season.  

Monday, March 21, 2022

Crintonic Gardens over the past couple years

Photo of Bee's Dr. Stout (Downie) in the back part of the garden.

Crintonic Gardens 2020.

Over the past 23 years I have been fortunate to live 15 minutes away from Crintonic Gardens, owned by Curt Hanson.  Curt has been hybridizing since 1983 and is currently 71 years old, and still manages to introduce outstanding collections of daylilies year after year.  Whenever I think I'm getting too old to do this work, I go over and see Curt outworking men half his age.  I love photographing Curt's daylilies and his introductions just keep getting better and better.  Here are some photographs I have taken over the past 2 years and some of Curt's pictures of his 22 intros:
Crintonic Gardens 2021

Crintonic Gardens 2021


Fluffy Tufts (Curt Hanson 2022)

Precambrian Explosion (Curt Hanson 2022) Photo by Curt.

Everbodys Gone Surfin (Curt Hanson 2022) Photo by Curt

Poncho Villa (Curt Hanson 2022) Photo by Curt

Peppermint Rainbow (Curt Hanson 2022) Photo by Curt

The Pink Bush (Curt Hanson 2022) Photo by Curt

The Pink Bush (Curt Hanson 2022) picture of scape by Paul K. Lewis. Notice the fertility!


Curt Hanson seedling

Curt Hanson seedling 

Curt Hanson seedling

Curt Hanson seedling

Curt Hanson seedling 

Curt Hanson seedling 

Curt Hanson seedling 

Curt Hanson seedling 

Curt Hanson seedling. This daylily seedling is the closest I've seen to a brown daylily in color.

Curt Hanson seedling. Photo by Curt.


Sea World (Curt Hanson)

Drawn to the Flames (Curt Hanson)

Crintonic Perfect Kiss (Curt Hanson)

Penthouse Playgirl (Curt Hanson) Quite possibly one the best scapes in the garden.

Levitating Ananuki (Curt Hanson)

Last House on the Left (Curt Hanson)

Dirty Bastard (Curt Hanson) One of the darkest daylilies in commerce.


Curt Hanson 2021 on top of his compost pile. 

Curt has one of the biggest compost piles I've ever seen.  He roto tills all the culls back into the soil the following year.  Enriching the soil with nutrients and recycling the old plants.  

Curt Hanson seedling field.  A thing of perfection and beauty.

Seedling field peak bloom, 2021

Ollalie Ping, a brilliant gold in the corner of the garden. 

Hey Joe. Curt's dog. 

Curt has a lovely pond fully stocked with fish and great for taking a relaxing dip in summer to cool off after working in the garden all day.  

Mango Crush (Curt Hanson) September 2020.  This daylily is one of the last in bloom.  Curt has a wonderful late season and you should visit in August as well if you get a chance.  Lots of great daylilies to see then as well. 

Curt has a small doll collection and they show up at various places in the garden. It shows that one can't be serious all the time and demonstrates Curt's quirky sense of humor. 

It is so easy to take good photographs at Crintonic Gardens.  Probably part of the reason I love visiting several times a year.  To view more of Curt Hanson's daylilies, log on to www.crintonic.com, or Google Crintonic Gardens and Curt's website should come up.  Curt welcomes visitors but appreciates an email in advance.  You can email Curt at Crintonic@gmail.com. Peak bloom at Crintonic Gardens is usually the 2nd to 3rd week in July and I would encourage you to make some plans to see Curt's garden during bloom season.  It's amazing.  All photos above belong to either Curt or myself and use without prior consent is prohibited.  Well, Spring has sprung and we are getting closer to another season in the garden. I think my next post should be on daylily garden photos before wrapping up another blog season.  Thanks for stopping in. 

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