Saturday, December 4, 2021

Floyd Cove Nursery....over the decades.

1986 catalog. Setauket, New York address.

1990 catalog. First Floyd Cove color cover to the catalog. Cover daylily: Ptarmigan (Pat Stamile)

One of the most exciting things every fall for me has been getting the Floyd Cove Nursery catalog.  Daylily catalogs were the big thing every fall and winter up until around 2010, when the cost was just too expensive and websites became more popular.  Floyd Cove Nursery still mails out a catalog every fall in spite of the rising costs.  The owners of Floyd Cove Nursery in the beginning were Pat and Grace Stamile.  Pat said that he started growing daylilies in about 1974, then started hybridizing in 1978 and started Floyd Cove Nursery in 1980. It was a general nursery with emphasis on Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and perennials especially focusing on iris, daylilies and hostas. The first Floyd Cove catalogs were just a sheet with a description and price. The first color catalogs to be used in the AHS were from Van Sellers at Iron Gate Gardens. Soon Bill Munson and Daylily World (David Kirchoff and Mort Morss) followed.  Floyd Cove's first color catalog was in 1990 (pictured above) and there have been catalogs all the way through our current year. Ownership of Floyd Cove changed around 2009 from Pat and Grace Stamile to Guy and Karen Pierce. In 2014-2015 the garden changed addresses just a little bit down the road to it's current address at 1240 Enterprise Osteen road.  Floyd Cove has always introduced cutting edged daylilies and many of  the intros from both Pat Stamile and Guy Pierce are in many of my current intros and seedlings. Here are some of the many catalogs from over the years. I wasn't able to include the fall catalogs but there were fall catalogs up until around 2015.  Hoping they bring back many great memories of daylilies past:

1991 catalog. Cover daylily: Joe Marinello (Pat Stamile)

1992 catalog. Cover daylily: Baby Blues (Grace Stamile) Address changed to Sanford, Florida. 

1993 Catalog. First catalog with color pictures on inside. Cover daylily: Admiral's Braid (Pat Stamile)

1994 catalog. Cover daylily: Royal Braid (Pat Stamile)

1995 catalog. Cover daylily: Seminole Wind (Pat Stamile)

1996 catalog. Cover daylily: Splendid Touch (Pat Stamile)

1997 catalog. Cover daylily: Magnificent Rainbow (Pat Stamile) Address changed to Enterprise, Florida

1998 catalog. Cover daylily: American Original (Pat Stamile)

1999 catalog. Cover daylily: Knights in White Satin (Pat Stamile)

2000 catalog. Cover daylily: Lake Effect (Pat Stamile)

2001 catalog. Cover daylily: Victorian Lace (Pat Stamile)

2002 catalog. Cover daylily: Michael Miller (Pat Stamile)

2003 catalog. Cover daylily: Ageless Beauty (Pat Stamile)

2004 catalog. Cover daylily: Shores of Time (Pat Stamile)

2005 catalog. Cover daylily: Leslie Renee (Pat Stamile)

2006 catalog. Cover daylily: Judy Farquhar (Pat Stamile)

2007 catalog. First year larger format. Cover daylily: Born to Run (Pat Stamile)

2008 catalog. Cover daylily: Dr. Jerrold Corbett (Pat Stamile)

2009 catalog. Cover daylily: Orange Grove (Pat Stamile)

2010 catalog. Cover daylily: Bold Paint (Pat Stamile)

2011 catalog. Cover daylily: Watermelon Martini (Pat Stamile-Pierce)

2012 catalog. Cover daylily: When Royals Dream (Pat Stamile-Pierce)

2013 catalog. Cover daylily: Buffalo Thunder (Pat Stamile-Pierce)

2014 catalog. Cover daylily: Picasso's Intrigue (Guy Pierce)

2015 catalog. Cover daylily: Halloween Effect (Guy Pierce)

2016 catalog. Cover daylily: Galactic Green (Guy Pierce)

2017 catalog. Cover daylily: Master and Bold Ruler (Guy Pierce)

2018 catalog.

2019 catalog. Cover daylily: Berry Ambitious (Guy Pierce)

2020 catalog. Cover daylily: Tumbleweed (Guy Pierce)

2021 catalog. Cover daylily: My Favorite Martian (Guy Pierce)

2022 catalog. Cover daylily: Sonic Tempo (Guy Pierce)

The last image might be a little fuzzy because Karen Pierce didn't even have a catalog to take a picture of.  I hope to post the actual picture there later.  Special thanks to Pat and Grace Stamile for always showing me around their garden over the years.  A special thanks to Guy and Karen Pierce for showing me the same hospitality as well. Special thanks must also go to Curt Hanson for sharing all these old catalogs with me. It's been fun looking back at daylily history.  Hope to post another interview before Christmas.  Working on it.  This was a fun segment to put together.  Stop back soon.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

TEETH!!! Toothy intros and seedlings from the Summer of 2021.

Tadeusz Kotula seedling 20-157F from Rybnik, Poland

Susan and Richard Hamilton seedlings

TEETH!!!!  I have always loved toothies since the first time I laid eyes on Forestlake Ragamuffin from Fran Harding.  (First saw it in Steve Moldovan's garden and turned out to be a parent on one side of Steve's Gaudeamus.) Toothy daylilies seem to have lasted the test of time and are grown and hybridized by many great hybridizers.  I collected a large amount of photographs, so I'm going to break it down by hybridizers.  I'd like to start out with some of my favorite hybridizers from the great state of Ohio, which I live in and would almost call it the toothy capital of the United States. Let's start out with our friend, Tom Polston since Tom has been hybridizing teeth for such a long time.  Tom's says one of his main hybridizing goals has been to put southern faces on northern hardy daylilies with great plant habit. Tom, you have done exactly that.  Here we go with the picture show: 
King Bee (Tom Polston) Awesome!

The Day The Earth Stood Still (Tom Polston)

Green Fang (Tom Polston)

Killer Teeth (Tom Polston)

Sabertooth Truffle (Tom Polston)

Tyrannasauras Rex (Jamie Gossard)

Wolfman (Jamie Gossard) Photo by Steve Todd

Overkill (Jamie Gossard)

Allspark (Jamie Gossard) 

Alpha Shark (Jamie Gossard)

Jamie Gossard seedling 61-16

Jamie Gossard seedling 1275, a 2022 intro

Jamie Gossard HG seedling

Jamie Gossard Spacecoast Porcupine Kisses seedling

Jamie Gossard seedling 315-13

Jamie Gossard seedling 18-17

Mike Holmes seedling

Bloodsport (Mike Holmes)

Shannara (Mike Holmes) Photo by Jamie Gossard

Jamie Gossard seedling (Spacecoast Porcupine Kisses X C77)

Spacecoast Porcupine Kisses (John Kinnebrew)

Spacecoast White Fang (John Kinnebrew)

John Kulpa seedling 

John Kulpa Cheryl Mae Taylor seedling 

John Kulpa seedling

John Kulpa seedling

Jeff Vitale (John Kulpa) Photo by Jeff Vitale

John Kulpa Franco Cimaroli seedling

Jeff Vitale Pal Salk seedling (Photo by Jeff Vitale)

John Kulpa Kit Walter seedling 

Patricia Kotovich (John Kulpa)

John Kulpa Nick Balash seedling

John Kulpa Parker Raymond seedling

John Kulpa seedling

Every Rose Has It's Thorn (Paul K. Lewis)

Avianna Grace (David Hansen) Photo by Linda Ferguson

Enrico Rossi seedling

Enrico Rossi seedling

Enrico Rossi seedling

Guy Pierce seedling

Guy Pierce seedling (Photo by Paul K. Lewis)

Tumbleweed (Guy Pierce)

Guy Pierce Tumbleweed seedling

Cat Whisperer (Rich Howard 2022)

Cat Whisperer (Rich Howard 2022)

Susan and Richard Hamilton seedling

Susan and Richard Hamilton seedling

Susan and Richard Hamilton seedling

Tadeusz Kotula seedling 20-48c

Mom's Kind Heart (Chad Bush) Photo by Steve Todd

Mike Grossman seedling

Mike Grossman seedling

Steve Todd seedling (Cheryl Mae Taylor X Purple Panther)

Steve Todd seedling (Voilure X Piranha Apocalypse)

Daniel Matton seedling

Ed Burton seedling I-672-A (Buddy's Vampire Lady (Hall) X Venus Flytrap (Gossard))

Emily Wilkes future, Velvet Dragon

Derek Ponto seedling 18:21 (Dr. Stump X Cool Bananas)

Louise Niquet seedling 20-54D

Mike Derrow seedling (Chief Bitesalot (Pierce) X T15-21)

Rick Simpson seedling 


Mike Holmes seedling

Kirsten Hatfield seedling


Tinsel Teeth (Cheryl Otto)

Jamie Gossard seedling

Tadeusz Kotula seedling 20-313D

Adventures, Love and Shenanigans (Rich Howard) petal shot

Susan and Richard Hamilton (Hooked on You X Red Sparkle Teeth)

Daniel Matton toothy bud

TEETH!!!!  SHARP TEETH!!!  Wow, so many. There were a lot of photographs that people shared with me that I wasn't able to include and I wish I could have.  No disrespect to any of those submissions. They were all quality toothies!  Hope you enjoyed this.  I sure did.  Exciting intros to come in the future.  Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Hoping to get an interview up from Bryan Culver from Canada next.  Stay tuned.  (All the above photographs are the property of those who shared them with me and use without prior consent is prohibited.)

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